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You’ve heard that cleaning your car with Snow Foam is the “new thing to do.” It’s definitely one of the more fun stages of washing your car, and it can really help to minimize the risk of scratches.

This article explores the best snow foams for cars currently available on the market by looking at their pros and cons and how they work.

The best snow foam should be strong enough to dissolve loose dirt. The concentrate, on the other hand, should not be powerful enough to harm the existing wax on your car’s paint.

I only use PH neutral snow foams that are safe for the wax layer, as I don’t want to harm the protective wax with dirt removal.

Editor's Choice
Autoglym Polar Blast
Autoglym Polar Blast
  • High Density Foam
  • Loosens Dirt and Contamination
  • pH Neutral
  • 2.5 Litre Bottle
2nd Choice
Pro-Kleen Cherry Snow Foam with Wax
Pro-Kleen Cherry Snow Foam with Wax
  • Super Foam Thickness
  • Includes Wax in the Formula
  • Available in Multiple Fragrances
  • 5 Litre Bottle
3rd Choice
Auto Finesse Avalanche snow foam
Auto Finesse Avalanche snow foam
  • Trusted by Professional Detailers
  • Doesn’t Strip Wax
  • Suitable for Regular Use
  • 5 Litre Bottle

Best Snow Foam 2021 At A Glance

What Makes A Good Car Snow Foam?

Snow foam cleans well, but the cleaning strength varies depending on manufacturer. Consistency, in my opinion, is important in snow foam.

The snow foam should have enough thickness so that it may seep or settle into the surface before running away. I usually wait for five minutes before applying the snow foam to get the best results.

  • The foam should have enough time to stick to the paint in order to cleanse any loose dust or grime.
  • It should be simple to use and inexpensive.
  • The snow foam should be completely rinse-able with water.
  • It should be PH-neutral and safe to use on plastic, glass, and clear coat paint.

It also helps if the product won’t break the bank. There’s no sense in spending a lot of money on snow foam if you’re already spending money on waxes, polishes, and other car cleaning products.

Best Snow Foams For Your Car

Here are the best snow foam products I’ve tried so far. There are a lot of options on the market, but only a few were deemed to be among the greatest.

1. Autoglym Polar Blast

Best Snow Foam For Effective Cleaning
1. Autoglym Polar Blast
9.7/10Our Score

If you've done any research into detailing, you will have heard of Autoglym. They offer a great product that is easily found and doesnt cost a fortune. General the perfect price point for any enthusiast detailer.

The addition of their newest product, the Polar Blast, is a significant development. This snow foam is meant to be part of their new "Polar" collection's “pre-wash” stage.

The first thing to consider is the price. It states that for every 500ml of water, you should use 100ml of product. This is more than enough and you might even be able to reduce it a little. This means that per wash its only going to cost between 50-£1.

After using the product, i've got to say its great. The foam is thick, which some like and some dont. It removes a staggering amount of dirt. I think you'd be able to use this, rinse it off, and be on your way in the summer when your car is only lightly dirty. It's fantastic!

There haven't been many negatives to speak of. It's hard to come up with anything negative about this product. Autoglym is well-packaged, has a wonderful fragrance, and has exceptional cleaning power, so you should get at least 25 washes from each bottle (probability closer to 50!).

If your looking for the best snow foam for your car, Autoglym Polar Blast has to be my favourite.

2. Pro-Kleen Snow Foam – Cherry

Best Snow Foam On A Budget
2. Pro-Kleen Snow Foam
9.5/10Our Score

The Pro-Kleen snow foam is a fantastic option if you're looking for the greatest bang for your buck. The brand claims that the formula is used by several professional valeting firms in the United Kingdom, producing extremely thick foam.

The cherry fragrance is great, however Pro-Kleen do offer other scents available. These include Pineapple, Strawberry, Banana and Mango. The formula is non-caustic and also includes a wax agent within it.

The Pro-Kleen snow foam provides the greatest value for money and is capable of producing super thick, high-quality foam.

3. Auto Finesse Avalanche

Most Cost Effective Snow Foam
3. Auto Finesse Avalanche
9.1/10Our Score

The Auto Finesse Avalanche 5l is a great choice for your pre-wash on your car. It's one of the most cost-effective snow foams on this list, and it comes in a 1L bottle. However, it's worth noting that Avalanche is only effective as a snow foam and not as a vehicle wash.

The Auto Finesse Avalanche is an excellent cleaning product. It has a PH neutral formulation with lemon flavor that effectively removes street grime.

But it isn't without issues. I prefer to use a bit more of the concentrate to create a thick head of foam, based on my real-world experience with this snow foam. If you don't use enough, the fine foam will simply run off the surface before getting a chance to adhere or linger on it.

Make sure you do not use this on a hot surface, wait for your car to fully cool down. It can leave horrible soap marks when the foam evaporates.

The Auto Finesse Avalanche, on the other hand, is a fantastic snow foam for those on a budget. It's especially nice as it comes in 5l tubs that will last a long time.

4. Bilt Hamber Surfex HD

Best Snow Foam & Shampoo Combo
4. Bilt Hamber Surfex
8.5/10Our Score

Not all snow foam products are created equal, as I previously said. If you're looking for a more durable variant of snow foam without the high price tag, I highly recommend the Bilt Hamber Auto Foam.

The Bilt Hamber Auto Foam is ideal for filthy or muddy surfaces. The procedure is simple enough to follow. Allow the solution to soak for 5-8 minutes before rinsing with cold water after spraying the foam. You may then proceed with hand-washing the car afterwards.

However, I have a few concerns with this product. It does not provide the thick foam that I desire. It appears to be that increasing the amount of liquid in the solution does not result in more foam. Using extra of the stuff, on the other hand, is effective at removing a greater quantity of dirt from the surface before hand washing it.

This snow foam, unlike others, isn't as foamy or luxurious. In terms of cleaning action, however, this is one of the best I've used.

What Are Snow Foams?

Car covered using snow foam

Snow foam is a liquid wash that’s designed to clean the exterior surfaces of cars in advance. It emerges as a thick foam, which also resembles snow, hence the name.

The term to remember is “pre-clean.” Snow foam will remove a small amount of surface dirt and pollutants, but it will not remove all grime from the paint.

Snow foam, as I previously stated, is a pre-cleaner. The foam should be allowed to run off the car for a sufficient amount of time.

This will allow the solution to dissolve any debris it may have picked up on its way.

Simply said, snow foam is a non-contact wash solution that may be used in addition to your regular cleaning regimen.

Why You Should Use Snow Foams

That’s a difficult query! It isn’t, however, a question of why you should use snow foam in your car; rather, it’s a question of when.

Snow foam is a chemical that most people are unfamiliar with. There are several misconceptions about it in the detailing business.

In my experience, I learned that snow foam can clean your car to a certain extent. While it’s true that snow foam removes more dirt than simply rinsing with plain water, it doesn’t remove very much.

There are instances when rinsing with pressurised water is more efficient than using snow foam. When cleaning a really soiled or filthy car that has baked-on dirt and pollutants, for example.

In these situations, it’s best to rinse the surface with pressurised water before washing it with car shampoo.

However, if you’re talking about vehicles that are only moderately dirty or dusty, snow foam is really useful. Snow foam will quickly encapsulate little grime particles, allowing them to run off the vehicle.

However, keep in mind that snow foam is only a pre-cleaner. After rinsing off the snow foam, you will need to wash your car with water and regular car shampoo.

Comparing Using Snow Foams With Other Pre-Washes

Snow foam is superior to citrus spray cleansers in terms of aggressiveness. The concentrated snow foam solution, on the other hand, will have a different formulation. Snow foams come in three varieties:

  1. Snow foam for deep cleaning. This solution is more aggressive and can remove more dirt than the previous version. Depending on the type and concentration of this snow foam, it may be able to wash away the paint’s wax.
  2. Snow foam, also known as snow foam or alkaline snow foam, is a type of cleaning that uses water mixed with sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and any other chemicals needed to provide the desired effects. It’s less powerful than deep cleaning snow foam because it doesn’t use sodium thiosulfate, which causes chemical burns if it is applied to paintwork.
  3. PH neutral snow foam is inherently non-abrasive and comprised of PH neutral snow foam. This type of snow foam may have a higher price than other types. For snow foam, I highly recommend PH neutral formulations. It’s powerful enough to remove loose dirt yet gentle enough to plastic and rubber components. What’s more, this sort of snow foam is considered a customisable formulation.

If you want to snow foam your car, be sure you’re buying the correct type of concentrate.

This snow foam is one more contactless wash technique to add to my detailing repertoire, and I like it because it gives me another.

The less contact there is, the fewer possibilities of abrading the paint. This is particularly significant on vehicles with black paint or dark-colored components, where any flaws are amplified.

How Do You Use Snow Foams?

Snow Foamed Car

The most essential thing to keep in mind is that the proper dilution of snow foam in water must be made.

The usual ratio is one part snow foam to ten parts water, but this should be taken with a grain of salt.

Its not good but many people make a mixture that is took thick with foam.

The best method to find the correct foam consistency is to follow the directions. As I previously said, not all snow foam makers follow the same procedures.

It’s usually a good idea to utilize the manufacturer’s recommended dilution ratios if you want the product to function as expected.

Why? When using snow foam, the foam should be thick enough to settle in the surface but light enough so that it can run off the car effectively.

If the foam is too thick, it will be ineffective. The dirt and foam will merely sit on top of the surface. This goes against the point of using snow foam in the first place.

However, if the foam is too light and does not have enough time to soak or settle, you will be throwing away your time and effort.

The secret to snow foam is to gradually dilute the ideal proportion of concentrate.

This will be really beneficial for exact measurements if you have a tiny measuring cup or syringe.

It will make it easier to measure out the correct quantity of concentrate for each litre or gallon of water.

How to Snow Foam a Car

You may snow foam a vehicle using either a pressurized washer with the right attachment or a decent old pump sprayer.

Both strategies have advantages, but employing a pressure washer is quicker, easier, and more often than not produces better outcomes.

Step 1:

Park your car in a shaded or cool area. Snow foam will not work if the surface is hot. It is best not to do this during the day when it is hot outside.

If you have time for the foam to dry before you wash it, it will be stained with soap. That is not a good thing because then it won’t look as nice after.

If the surface is warm, it needs to cool for a few minutes.

Some of you may be wondering if rinsing the surface with water is required before applying snow foam, and I’m happy you did.

Before you spray the snow foam, rinse the car with a little water. This is especially true for cars that are more dirty.

Although you may safely apply snow foam without pre-washing the car with water, it is recommended that you do so.

Always double-check the instructions to ensure that you’re following them correctly. There are a lot of different concentrated snow foam products on the market, and not all of them are created equal.

Step 2:

It’s time to combine the snow foam concentrate with the correct amount of water in a tiny plastic bottle now.

After that, all you have to do is attach the bottle to the snow foam lance and press the washer. When using a hand pump sprayer, it’s basically the same process.

Top tip:

Fill your snow foam lance with the correct amount of concentrate, then instead of pouring water into the bottle via the tap, fill a bucket or sink and drop your bottle in to slowly fill it.

The water will fill up gradually and won’t froth the concentrate, as running the tap will.

Consider pouring coke into a glass slowly and steadily, and you’ll have a better idea of what I’m talking about.

Step 3:

If you’re using your snow foam lance for the first time, make sure it’s properly adjusted. If you’re using a pump spray, this is likewise true.

The lance allows you to alter the amount of dilution that is pumped through and the spray angle and size that hits the vehicle.

Spray the snow foam from top to bottom. Before covering the vehicle’s sides with foam, start on the roof, boot, and bonnet.

If you did it correctly, the entire car should be coated with thick (but not too thick) and white foam that resembles leaving a vehicle outside when it snows.

Make sure to spray a larger amount of foam on the vehicle’s wheels, tires, and wheel well. Make sure to apply a thicker layer of foam to those areas.

Step 4:

Finally, you wait for the foam to simply melt away and run down to the ground.

That’s how snow foam works! In high-traffic areas, such as badges, emblems, window sills and door handles, use a soft bristle brush to agitate the foam.

Remember to spray, let the foam dwell for a while before rinsing off

Step 5:

Rinse the foam off. Remove all of the foam from the vehicle with your pressure washer.

Make careful to check for water and foam around the windows, in particular, beneath the bonnet near the top of the windshield and wing mirrors.

Step 6:

You may still have some snow foam in your lance after rinsing the foam.

I usually have enough for two runs of snow foam, and then I just quickly fire up another procedure on the car. Spray any remaining solution again and allow it to sit before removing.


Is snow foam bad for cars?

It is not harmful to the paint if you’re applying snow foam, which is made specifically for cars. The only issue you might encounter is allowing it to dry on the surface without rinsing it off.

Can you wash a car with just snow foam?

Snow foam isn’t a car shampoo, so don’t use it as one. Snow foam does not contain any lubricant to aid cloths in moving over your car’s surface, therefore wiping it off may scratch the paintwork.

Always cleanse your snow foam with a hose or a pressure washer after removing it.

Should you rinse before snow foam?

Always pre-rinse, and try to get as much off as you can at first.

Give the snow foam a little longer to work; if your car is properly treated, very little water should remain on it after a rinse anyhow, so the foam shouldn’t be affected.

How long do you leave snow foam on?

This will be determined by the climate. You want to give it enough time to work, yet not so long that it hardens on there. The hotter the day is, the shorter you should allow it to stay in place.

Does snow foam remove dirt?

Snow foam does not remove all dirt from the paint surface, as it is a pre-cleaner. Snow foam is a preliminary cleanser.

The solution should be allowed to run off the car for a sufficient amount of time.

This will allow the solution to dissolve as much dirt as possible by allowing for enough time for the solution to run off the surface.

Should I Use Snow Foam If My Car Is Muddy?

Yes, I see no problem with this. To blow away thicker patches of mud, however, you should rinse the surface with a pressure washer and use a scraper to remove any loose dirt or debris.

Next, spray the snow foam on the surface and leave it for five minutes before rinsing off with water.

After that, you may use a car shampoo to hand wash your car. You might need to repeat the snow foam process on heavily soiled cars in order to achieve optimal results.

Does A Snow Foam Lance Make A Difference?

I’ve always felt that the lance makes the most impact.

For about a year, I utilized the Karcher variant that comes with most pressure washer combos, wondering why I didn’t achieve that thick consistency. The lance, it turns out, is trash!

I purchased a top-of-the-line one, and the experience was completely different.

The fact that the water and concentration mix in higher-end lances leads to much better consistency in your foam, resulting in improved outcomes.

You also save money because you produce less rubbish.

Final Thoughts

There’s a reason why many enthusiasts and experts use snow foam. Not only does it allow you to wash your car without coming into contact with the paint, but it’s also lots of fun to use.

Hopefully this article has helped answer a number of questions such as, What Is Snow Foam and how to use it correctly.

Every one of our recommendations is suitable for a wide range of budgets and safe to use on all outside surfaces. Hopefully these have help find the best snow foam for you and your needs.

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